If you are an employee whose rights are being violated, or an employer seeking advice or representation, you need to pick the right law firm to represent you. BOGAS & KONCIUS is an employment litigation law firm serving clients in Southeastern Michigan.

Pick The Right Employment Law Firm To Represent You

Our expert lawyers have over 50 years experience in employment law, protecting employee rights, guiding employers in their employee relations, and litigating your claims in State and Federal Courts. Whether you have questions about your employment situation, want representation to negotiate a severance package, or believe you have a harassment or discrimination lawsuit, our expert attorneys stand ready to assist you and fight for justice.

We specialize in employment law and our practice areas include:

Practice Areas

Sexual and Gender Harassment and Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
Age Discrimination
Race, Color, and National Origin Harassment and Discrimination
Violations of the Family Medical Leave Act
Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act
Whistleblower Protection
Employment Contracts
Personal Injury
Michigan’s Sales Representative Act


We have significant experience as facilitators, mediators, arbitrators, investigators, and special masters in employment, contract, personal injury, and commercial disputes.

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